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Communications and Computers


We design and implement communication solutions.

We were there from the start, 25 years ago, successfully building the very first GSM networks in the world, that changed the way we live, work and communicate.

We have built a strong reputation of technical know-how and trust in the cellular industry.


Software Solutions for Communications


We work behind the scenes with cellular phone companies and our partners to design and develop software applications that control and interact with some of the most advanced and complex communication systems

Our software measures and interprets radio signals so that, ultimately,  network bandwidth is maximized, your calls are crystal clear and trouble free.

Software Solutions for you


Together with our Customers and Partners we develop advanced systems accessible for everyone to use seamlessly on a daily basis.



Custom systems for Professionals and Expert Applications


We partner with some of the best and leading professionals from a variety of industries. Our software and electronic systems control high speed cameras cover football matches. Our software flies UAVs on safety inspections, monitors crops,  weather conditions, irrigation systems and computer systems. 

Telecommunications Infrastructures


We design and build complete communication systems. We have built key data centers and central offices complete with, power monitoring, backup systems, climate control, fire protection and structured cabling.

Specialized Solutions for Mobile Communications


We design taylor made systems to solve very specific coverage and capacity challenges. We develop, manufacture and operate a variety of mobile cell sites (Cell on Wheels)

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