Who are we...

Saraiva Fernandes - 1944 - 2014  (our Founder) 


“I am a EE from the University of Coimbra and Porto. I have been a EE teacher for over 35 years at the University ISEL in Lisbon. Throughout my career I have worked in large corporations such as Plessey and ITT - Standard Eléctrica. I spend my spare time rooting for my favourite soccer team, playing around with technology, playing chess, running, some reading and enjoying my grandsons and daughters.


Pedro Fernandes, our CEO


“I am a EE from the IST University in Lisbon. Started my career learning RF engineering at Telecel (now Vodafone Portugal), spent some of my best professional times at Airtouch (now Verizon Wireless) in Walnut Creek, CA and have been with CEC since the end of 1999.  I look after all the teams and love to get my hands dirty on hardware R&D, software architectures and optimization.  I enjoy my spare time with my kids and wife, running, mountain biking in Sintra, and being with family and friends.”


Carlos Formigal, head of Sales and Marketing


"I’ve started to learn electronics at a very early age. Started to study at Fonseca Benevides High School and after that in IST University of Lisbon, becoming an EE. I’ve started my professional career at Siemens, but the most enjoyable time was in Lucent Technologies, from Bell Labs Innovations. I’m in CEC since 2004.

I love classic cars and everything that has an engine on. I pass almost all my free time in my garage working in my cars and tractors or farming in my family countryside farm."

Catarina is our Artist


"I am an Architect passionate and meticulous about everything that I work on. I have become addicted to computer graphics and sculpt them to the pixel. Growing up I have always practised all different kinds of sports. My passion is ballet. I almost became a professional runner, now I just do it for fun. I scuba dive whenever I get the chance but my full time job are my daughters Isaura and Clara."

Daniel Fidalgo, head of Information Systems


“I am a Computer Science Engineer from the IST University in Lisbon. My first job was in IBM Portugal, followed by a couple of years in Anixter Portugal. I’m in CEC since 2000. I love new technologies and everything that has programming in a sentence. When I’m not working I enjoy being around my wife, my three kids and all of my family. I enjoy traveling, knowing other countries and cultures and I’m a huge sports fan mainly soccer, American football, martial arts ( ex Jujutsu trainee ) and running." 

Maria Cunha, head of Infrastructure Deployment


I am a civil engineer from the IST University in Lisbon. Between 1999 and 2004 I worked at Mota Engil, Abrantina S.A. and at Edifer Group. Since then I work in CEC, and my team is responsible for the design and construction of mobile and fixed telecommunications infrastructures  (datacenters, telecom towers, shelters, dedicated solutions for special environments and all related). I like overcoming challenges! I live in Cascais and love running along the seawall listening to good music. My family and friends mean the world to me.

Margarida Noéme, head of Quality, Environment, Safety and, Logistics

I am an Environment Engineer from FCT/UNL. After my graduation, I’ve worked two years in the Water of Amsterdam (GWA- Amsterdam Water Supply), Holland. When I returned to Portugal, I’ve created my own company dedicated to Environmental Education. Later I accepted the challenge to join the CEC team - where I always felt at home. I spend my free time with my family and friends. I love running, climbing and traveling.

Margarida Henriques is our CFO.


“ Born in Lisbon, Portugal, have a degree in Business and Administration from the ISE Technical University in Lisbon.  Started working very young, alert as to the importance of a career, and have not stopped since. It’s in my nature to control numbers and manage people.  Joined the CEC team in the year 2000, having passed, before that, through two other companies mainly managing the accounts, fiscal and financial reporting. Love animals, especially stray cats and discovered the great pleasures of sea cruising whenever possible.  Cooking is second nature, never miss a chance to share new dishes with family and friends.  “

Patricia Carvalho, heads our Quality and Certification efforts


"I am a Chemical Engineering from IST University in Lisbon. I started my career at Barreiro Petrochemical Company where I had my first contact with quality, environment and health and safety management. I also work with the EFQM Excellence Model and I love to assess the organizations every year and share with them all the best practices. At CEC I keep and improve the Quality, Environment and Health and Safety System, training everyone and doing internal audits. In 2012 we achieved our goal and we are now certified in ISO9001 (Quality), ISO14001 (Environment) and OHSAS18001 (Health & Safety). In my spare time I enjoy being with my family and friends, playing tennis and dancing."

Pedro Ferreira, head of our Engineering


"I have become an Electrical Engineer from the IST in Lisbon. I spend most of my time managing radio planning and optimization teams to solve coverage and bandwidth problems all over the place. I like to look into all the details and make sure everything works the way it should. I enjoy spending my time with family and friends, hiking and running my 10k race once every year."

Rua de Santo António nº 174 - Trajouce, 2785-219  - Portugal


T:+351 21 417 2995