calling... for iOS
calling... for iOS

We take care of the searching.

You do the 

calling... for iPhone


Swipe on the index areas to choose the 1st letter of the first and last names of your contact. 'calling...' will instantaneously filter out the names out of your contacts.


If you have contacts with just one name (first or last) or companies the letters that you chose will be used to find the contacts starting with those two letters. These will show up after the contacts that have two names. 


On the sample screenshot the letters 'P' and 'I' were selected. The filtered search returns a few persons but also returns PIzza and PIetro (single name contacts).


You refresh your contact list (in case you have edited them on another machine) through the refresh button 

Swipe your contact to the right to view detailed information.


'calling...' will display the different phone numbers for direct dialing, messaging, email and facetime.



You can edit a contact by clicking on the button




Swipe your contact to the left until the full word 'calling...' show up. Your phone will vibrate and if you let go, it will voice dial the first phone number of your contact. 


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