calling... for iOS
  • Which address books does 'calling...' use?


Calling reads contacts from all the address books that you have configured on your device. It has been tested with 'iCloud', 'Exchange', 'Google', 'CardDav', 'Facebook' and you local addressbook. 



  • Does 'calling...' push any of my contacts into remote servers?


No, 'calling...' uses all your addressbook information locally. We do not establish any kind of connection to remote servers nor other Apps locally.




calling... for iOS



  • My contact number does not show up on the 'send message' list.


We display 'send message' contacts for phone numbers of the type 'mobile'. Please edit your contact and change contact type.



  • My contact number does not show up on the facetime list.


We display facetime contacts for phone numbers for iPhones and for iCloud eMail addresses. 



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